Settlement Survival city planning simulator goes early access on October 11

Gleamer, as part of Steam‘s โ€œGames to Beโ€ festival, showed a demo version of its debut project, a low-poly hardcore urban planning simulator Settlement Survival. And the game turned out to be popular, was among the most downloaded and provoked a massive wishlist. Now the developers have announced that they will be releasing the game to early access just a few days ago.

Settlement Survival will appear on Steam on October 11. The game’s creators were inspired by Banished, and the Settlement Survival simulator is designed for experienced strategists.

Deep gameplay allows you to manage the landscape, manage limited supplies, grow crops, hunt animals, and develop trade routes. settlement will be affected by seasonal weather cycles and natural disasters, from heavy rains and severe blizzards to tornadoes and fires.

To survive, you will have to keep a close eye on the state of affairs and needs of the townspeople. More on Gamemania Real-time Strategy Age of Darkness: Final Stand is out in early access Highrise City authors talk about terraforming and infrastructure Kathy Rain returns in Directors Cut October 26.