Seuntjens is tired of communication Fortuna: ‘Maybe in another language? ‘

Mats Seuntjens had to speak to the press for the fifth time in a row as a loser on Friday night. Fortuna Sittรฉ competed for a run in-house, but ended up trailing zero points after a 3-4 defeat. According to Seuntjens, it mainly saves on the team‘s communication when it comes to defending.
In conversation with ESPN, the attacking midfielder expresses his disappointment. โ€œIt wasn’
t a boring Friday night game anyway,โ€ Seuntjens begins his story. โ€œIt‘s sour for us, we don’t get any points again. Whether there was more to it? If we had defended better, yes,โ€ says the player.
Fortuna already gave up sixteen hits in the first five games. Seuntjens agrees that it still falls short in the defense. โ€œWe talked about it, yes,โ€ replies the midfielder. Communication is also lacking, according to the Dutchman. โ€œMaybe we should try another language. I think it‘s easy to fix. How then? I’ll tell you that internally,โ€ says Seuntjens.
During the match, both the supporters of FC Utrecht and Fortuna Sitvard misbehaved, but Seuntjens thought it was exaggerated that referee Allard Lindhout stopped the game a second time. The first time the arbitrator did so after throwing fireworks and smoke bombs from FC Utrecht supporters, the second time part of Fortuna Sitbard‘s supporters threw beer cups. โ€œWe didn’t throw much, it was a bit more intense at Utrecht. I did understand that the referee had to intervene a little harder as a statement. Maybe it was a bit of an exaggeration to go all the way inside,โ€ concludes Seuntjens.