Seuntjens leaves nothing of Nijhuis: ‘Scandalous, a really dirty streak’

Ralf Seuntjens was not to mention Bas Nijhuis after the match between FC Volendam and NAC Breda (1-0). The referee cancelled an apparently pure goal from the Pearl of the South striker.
Seuntjens headlined outside the five-metre area and seemed to barely interfere with Filip Stankovic, the goalkeeper of Volendam. On the advice of his border judge, Nijhuis disapproved of the goal. โ€œI don‘t even jump,โ€ says the NAC striker when he looks at the footage. โ€œI’m just standing, the ball falls on my head and then it goes in. This is a scandalous decision. He lets everything go on, I‘m under the scratches and he won’t whistle for that.โ€
The role of the linesman is also against the sore leg of ‘The Seun of God’. โ€œNijhuis is better off, approves him, and then the linesman flag him off. While six men are in front of it! That‘s just a shame. What I said to Nijhuis after that? Nothing, because you won’t be able to speak to him anymore. Then he walks away and won‘t be approachable anymore. I couldn’t say anything to him.โ€
When the reporter wants to ask about the remainder of the game, Seuntjens decides to give Nijhuis a few more steps. โ€œYou have to go after a moment like that, but it doesn‘t make sense of what’s happening here. That‘s just a shame. It’s one big mess. After the end, that doesn‘t make sense, then you’ll thank the audience and the referees are already in the locker room. You can‘t do anything, argue is yellow. It’s a dirty area.โ€

๐Ÿคฌ Ralf Seuntjens leaves nothing entirely of arbitrator Bas Nijhuis after his disapproved goal.โ€ It‘s a shame, it’s one big t*ring messโ€ #volnac
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) October 18, 2021