Seven parties to Informateur now want to ‘be a little quiet. ‘

The seven parties that were with Informateur Hamer this morning had a good conversation, said VVD, D66, CDA, SP, PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie afterwards. It was about crisis and recovery policy after the coronacrisis.

VVD leader Rutte said afterwards that the interlocutors agreed to โ€œbe a little quietโ€ about what exactly went over the table. According to him, this is in the interest of the formation process.

Kaag van D66 thought it was a good conversation about the content, in which both large and small parties feel responsible for the recovery of the Netherlands. She added that this does not mean that this cluster of parties will also rule together. โ€œClustering is not clumping,โ€ she joked.

Again: forward with the goat

CDA leader Hoekstra said after the conversation that Hamers aim is to investigate which parties can talk to each other in terms of content. โ€œShe is inventorying: what problems are urgent.โ€ He doesnt think its about whos going to rule with whom. โ€œBut I would be in favour of making pace,โ€ he repeated. โ€œAs I said last week, go ahead with the goat.โ€

Segers of the Christian Union showed optimistic: โ€œWe are now waiting for what the informer comes up with. And maybe well get together again.โ€

The PvdA and GroenLinks only want to negotiate a coalition together. The SP reiterated that the party does not necessarily have to be in a government. โ€œOur modesty fits. It is also not the case that the Netherlands has massively approved the government of the SP,โ€ said Party leader Marijnissen, who repeatedly said that he did not want to be part of a cabinet led by Rutte.

Two more groups

Later this week, Informer Hamer receives two more times a cluster of parties from the House of Representatives. Tomorrow the leaders of Forum voor Democracy, Ja21, SGP, BBB and Liane den Haan (formerly 50Plus, now Den Haan) will be coming.

Friday is the turn of the Party for the Dieren, Volt, Group-Van Haga (the three split Forum-MPs), Think and Bij1. PVV leader Wilders says that he has also been invited, but that he has rejected the invitation. โ€œEverything I had to tell you, I already told you in our conversation on Tuesday 18 May,โ€ he wrote in a letter to Hamer.