Seven years in prison for father drowned toddler

A 40-year-old man from Utrecht has to go to jail for seven years for the death of his 3-year-old son in December. The boy ended up in Ubbena north of Assen in the canal in front of his father. The child died two weeks later.

The judge agrees with the demand of the Public Prosecution Service. This accused the suspect of deliberately putting his son in a dangerous situation, on a steep side near the canal. Nor would he have done enough to get his son out of the water as quickly as possible. The boy fell into the water while urinating.

“Through his actions, he deprived his son of his early life and inflicted intense and irreparable suffering on his mother,” the judge ruled. In addition to a prison sentence, he has also been banned from contact for 5 years and has to pay damages, reports RTV Drenthe.

Peeing in the canal

The funnel stated earlier that it was an accident. He wanted his son to pee in the canal and because the bank was steep, they lost their balance and the child ended up in the water.

The suspect climbed out of the canal and then said to have looked for his son first on the shore and then in the water. Then he walked to his phone and called 112.

Police officers finally pulled the child out of the ice-cold water. It is estimated that he was in the water for 53 minutes. On 31 December the boy died of his injuries.

Deliberately endangered

According to the public prosecutor, the man did not do everything he could to find his son. “Sven couldnt swim yet, it was very dark. He didnt hold him: then you put him in danger. That is not the behaviour that can be expected of a father. And when he falls into the water, you jump straight into the water to look for him and cling to anyone who passes by to ask for help,” he said at a previous session.

The mans ex-husbands ex had previously reported several times for stalking after a divorce. Contact with his son had just been re-established in December; he hadnt seen him for some time before. On the day of the incident the boy was with him for the first time for a whole day.