Severe weather problems in Greece, even more rain on the way

Extreme weather in Greece leads to problems. A weather front, called Ballos, causes strong winds, thunderstors and heavy rains. More than fifty millimeters of water has fallen in some places in a short period of time.

The power has fallen out in several neighborhoods in the capital Athens. Schools remain closed as a precaution. At a particular school today, students were only able to get out of the building by building a bridge with school benches.

Tunnels and roads were flooded, people were helped out of this stranded bus:

The fire department had to pull out hundreds of times to rescue people from their flooded homes or cars. Nobody got hurt. Streets on the island of Corfu turned into rivers and shops and cellars were filled with water as well.

No end to rainfall for now

The weather is caused by a small low pressure area slowly crossing Greece, explains weatherman Marco Verhoef. The Mediterranean is at its warmest in autumn and therefore a relatively high amount of moisture in the air above it. โ€œIf the air is cold at any height, this kind of heavy showers can easily be created.โ€

For the

time being, the end is not in sight. The low pressure area extends so slowly that heavy rain is certainly expected until the course of Saturday. Locally, the total precipitation can reach more than 200 millimeters. โ€œThats almost a quarter of what normally falls in the Netherlands in a year,โ€ says Verhoef.