Sex and the City gets sequel, but without Kim Cattrall

HBO is going to make a sequel to the popular TV series Sex and the City. Three of the four protagonists of the original return, only Kim Cattrall leaves absentia.

The new series, called And Just Like That, initially gets ten new episodes of half an hour, which will be recorded this spring. Viewers see how the lives of girlfriends in New York have evolved since the end of the series.

Protagonist Sarah Jessica Parker had already made viewers happy with a post on Instagram: โ€œI wonder: where would they be now?โ€, she wrote with the hashtag SatcNextChapter.

HBO director Sarah Aubrey wondered the same thing, she told at the announcement of the news. โ€œI grew up with these characters and can‘t wait to see how their story has evolved, with the honesty, emotion, humor and the beloved city that has always defined them.โ€


Sex and the City was pioneering in 1998 by the frank way in which women and their sex lives were portrayed. In six seasons, the series won eight golden Globes and seven Emmys. Two cinema films were also followed.

โ€œ They’ve broken quite a lot of taboos,โ€ says Libelle editor-in-chief Hilmar Mulder, a fan of the series himself. โ€œThey talked about trios, STIs, one-night stands, bisexuality, dildos. Everything was discussed under the motto: everything is possible as long as you like it and like it yourself.โ€

Nevertheless, there was also criticism of the series, Mulder recalls, and not only because of the clear representation of sex. โ€œThe fact that the girlfriends had shopping as a hobby, was seen by some as superficial and materialistic. It would confirm prejudices about women.โ€

โ€œNever Samantha again.โ€

HBO did not explain why Samantha actress Kim Cattrall does not return. The actress had already said that she was on a hostile footing with her fellow players, especially Sarah Jessica Parker. That‘s why she thanked her earlier for a third SATC movie. โ€œI can assure you that I will never play Samantha again,โ€ she said.

Twitter has meanwhile been busy speculating how Samantha will be written from the series, such as the comical suggestion that the other three may have killed her. Parker could laugh at all the proposals: โ€œI have to hold back so as not to tell you whether you are hot or cold,โ€ she teased.

Mulder (a fan of Carrie himself) thinks it’s โ€œsuper pityโ€ that Samantha is missing. โ€œShe was a lascivious, liberated businesswoman who did everything she wanted sexually and devoured men. That was really a figure you needed as a counterpart to the others.โ€

Still, she thinks that the new series will hit the audience again. โ€œSarah Jessica Parker is now 55 and the series will be about women her age. I hope that women who grew up with it, like me 50+, get another click. Especially in these times there is a need for other news and it is nice to have something nice ahead.โ€