Sex offender frees and strikes again: woman raped in Aachen

A 26-year-old convicted sex offender raped a woman just hours after his release from prison in Aachen. After a witness reported, the man was arrested again.

German media and police report that. The witness saw a woman being sexually intimidated on the street in the early Tuesday morning. The police quickly detained the suspect. According to the Aachener Zeitung, the woman was raped in a building at Klosterplatz prior to the incident. Thats in the heart of Aachen, between City Hall and the Cathedral.

The suspect participated in a repeat offender program. It would have been identified by experts that he was an extremely high risk. He was able to be followed by participating in the so-called KURS programme.

The rehabilitation program is seen as highly successful. The relapse rate is 3 percent against 20 percent for sex offenders who are not treated. The case is not disclosed by justice. The investigation is still underway.

The arrest evokes memories of 2013 when a lot of fuss arose by sex offenders as well. Four released men committed new offences in Stolberg, Eschweiler and Aachen within weeks.