Sex rel parliament Australia, Prime Minister shows shocked

In Australia, a riot arose after an anonymous whistleblower brought out images of male parliamentarians who were sexually misbehaved. Among others, the newspaper The Australian and Channel 10 write about the case based on the whistleblower.

Some male parliament employees would have made film recordings showing how they satisfy themselves. This would have happened, among other things, on the desk of a female colleague.

Some of the male colleagues had set up a private Facebook group on which they shared the images. At least one employee is fired, says Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

โ€œI am shocked and disgusted by this,โ€ said the Prime Minister about the Facebook group. โ€œIt‘s just absolutely embarrassing.โ€ He wants to see all the employees and address them on their responsibilities. โ€œI was stunned, as I have been more than once in the past month,โ€ added Morrison.

Raped in office minister

The coalition has been under attack for weeks after allegations of rape by a member of the Liberal Party. Employee Brittany Higgins stated last week that she was raped by a colleague in a minister’s office in 2019. For fear of losing her job, she didn‘t go to the police at the time.

Morrison acknowledged that there is increasing dissatisfaction with his approach to the allegations. Previously, tens of thousands went out to the streets in protest. โ€œI understand that many Australians, especially women, think I haven’t heard them, and I find that very annoying,โ€ said Morrison to reporters in the capital Canberra. โ€œWe need to do better, we need to get this House in order.โ€

The Australian Prime Minister says he wants more women in parliament, but has not yet made any concrete proposals to improve the atmosphere in parliament. He did say that changes will be announced in the coming weeks.