Sex with 15-year-old? Teacher (35) is ‘too small for that position’

A British teacher denies the allegations of an escapade with a minor pupil โ€” using a separate excuse for that. With her length of 1.60 metres, she is ‘too small’ to carry out the sexual acts she is accused of.

Kandice Barber (35) is suspected of having had sex with a 15-year-old boy in her unwashed SUV, to continue it outside, and also having engaged in sexual acts in a grassland.

Barber is no stranger to justice. She was already convicted of sending a sex video to the same guy. Then it was seen how she performed acts on the bed. Denying didn‘t help anymore, the video spoke for itself. But the sexual intercourse is a little harder to prove.

And so Barber had to come to court several times, watched by British photographers and widely measured in the tabloids. She’s married, by the way. Her husband invariably accompanies her on the way to court, seemingly reluctantly.

In the latest case, Barber‘s lawyer argued that the sexual allegations are not possible at all. Barber was too small for that. She comes to the boy up to his shoulders โ€” making the accusations ‘physically impossible‘, notes The Sun from the courtroom. On social media, disbelief sounds.

โ€œ You know she’s little, right?โ€

The now 18-year-old student, who is present in the court, got a sweep out of the pan. โ€œYou told the police you were behind her. That you took off your clothes. And you know she‘s pretty small, a little over fifty, huh? So you were bigger than she was then, right?โ€ , so the lawyer said to the schoolboy.


other words, the position as described by the boy could never have occurred, according to the story.

During one of the escapades, Barber drove the boy to a secluded spot, parked on the side of the road, and had the boy perform a sexual act โ€” according to him, at least. Then the teacher gratified him orally a little further away. Barber denies everything.

Her lawyer had a remarkable argument in that. โ€œSo you got out of the car to a place where she satisfied you. But why would you even get out of the car? She’s on top of you, and you‘re doing a sexual act, so why go outside?โ€ According to the young man, it happened because they were standing next to a busy road.

Secret messages

In the trial there were many more explicit details, as well as instant messages from the woman to the boy. Barber wrote, among other things, โ€œYou can’t make me blush while I‘m teaching now, poker face.โ€

At some point, rumors were going around at school. The young man was questioned by a department head, but denied. Meanwhile, the teacher seemed to pressurize him. She’d โ€œdestroy โ€œhim if he told me anything. Also at some point Barber told the boy that she was pregnant, to tell later that there had been a miscarriage. According to the woman herself, she was pregnant, but with her husband.

Not true, counter-the boy. โ€œShe told me she was pregnant. From my child. I panicked. And I started lying to everyone except my friends,โ€ the boy explained to cops. โ€œSo I asked her, are you going to accuse me of rape? Then she wrote dot dot dot. Of course I got mad.

The woman denies all sexual acts. The trial is still ongoing.