Share Belgian government websites and services flat after major cyber attack

Several websites of the Belgian government are down due to a major DDoS attack. From 12:00, Belnet is under attack, reports the provider. Belnet is a computer network for, among others, Belgian universities, research institutes, government departments and hospitals. In a DDoS attack, the malicious party sends so much traffic to computers or servers that a normal user can no longer use it.

Due to the attack, among other things, the Prime Ministers website and a tax return site are not accessible. From tomorrow, Belgians could fill in their tax return. Whether that is in danger is unclear.

Belnet could not prevent the attack, says director Dirk Haex to the Flemish broadcaster VRT: โ€œWe have protective measures, but this attack is of an order we have never seen.โ€

Meetings canceled

About 200 institutions have been hit by the DDoS attack. The Flemish system for planning coronavvaccinations did not work for a while, but is now running again. The attack affected not only public systems, but also internal ones.

Several committee meetings in the Belgian Parliament were cancelled because video connections could not be established. Officials and students could not get into the home work systems.

It is not yet clear when the problem is resolved, says Haex: โ€œWe are still playing a game of cat-and-mouse with the perpetrators of this massive attack. At times, we manage to stabilize the case, but then the attackers adapt and a new wave follows.โ€

Whoever is behind the attack is still unknown.