Share forest fires in California caused by gender reveal party

Some of the severe forest fires in the American state of California probably started at a ‘gender reveal party‘. At such a party, future parents reveal the gender of their child. In this case, they used a device that blows smoke. The authorities think the device caused a fire.

Forest fires have been raging in California for more than two weeks. It’s extremely hot in the American state with temperatures of up to 50 degrees. The soil is dry as a bone and new fires are constantly arising. The Governor of California has declared a state of emergency.

Blue Explosion

It’s not the first time a gender reveal party has caused a forest fire. It happened three years ago in the state of Arizona. The gender of an unborn child was then announced with a blue-colored explosion, but it got completely out of hand. A big fire started which was only extinguished after a week.

The California fire department warns people on Twitter that with this heat, it doesn’t take much to start a fire. People who cause a fire can be held financially and criminally responsible for it. For example, the child’s father in Arizona was given a suspended sentence of five years and had to pay almost 7 million euros.

12.000 firefighters

By now, at least eight people have died as a result of the forest fires, almost 3300 houses and other buildings have burned down. As a result, more than 10,000 people have to look for another place to live. More than 12,000 firefighters are trying to extinguish the forest fires.

Yesterday, among other things, camping guests were cut off from the outside world by a forest fire.