Share Jakarta under water, more rain expected

Low-lying parts of the Indonesian capital Jakarta and nearby cities are underwater. The cause is the heavy rainfall in recent days combined with clogged waterways, causing rivers and canals to pass outside their banks.

Some districts in the south and east of the city have 1.8 meters of water. Videos show that residents wade through water up to their shoulders, that cars have disappeared underwater and that rescue workers bring residents with rafts and boats to safety. Nearly 1400 residents had to leave their homes.

Rescue workers went by houses and put boats in:

The Indonesian meteorological service BMKG expects more rain and strong winds in the coming week. The rainy season, which began in October, runs until the beginning of March. More than 20 evacuation centers have been prepared in the city.

Every year parts of the city are flooded, says correspondent Annemarie Kas. Last year, dozens of people were killed. โ€œThe authorities are now trying to remove junk from waterways with man and power, so that the water can get out faster.โ€

New capital

In 2019, the government launched a design competition for a new capital to emerge in East Kalimantan. Today, Jakarta, is struggling with floods as well as with subsidence and traffic jamming.

โ€œ In August of last year the foundation stone should have been laid, but that did not happen because of the coronacrisis,โ€ says Kas. โ€œThe government and President Joko Widodo are sticking to the move plan, even though it is unclear whether large investors from outside are still interested.โ€