Share notified parents supplement affair gets no money before May 1

Less than half of the notified group of parents will receive compensation of 30,000 euros before 1 May. In total, 25,600 parents applied for the so-called Catshuisregeling. 11,000 of them get the money deposited into their account before 1 May, said Secretary of State Van Huffelen of Finance during the debate on the payment minutes in the House of Representatives.

In December, following a meeting in the Catshuis on the very critical report on the payment affair, the Cabinet promised that all affected parents would receive EUR 30,000 in compensation by 1 May.

Today, Van Huffelen announces the final figures, but she already knew during the debate that not everyone who has come in will actually get money.

There is a โ€œlarge groupโ€ that does not receive any money for the time being, said Van Huffelen. Some of them did not mention them. It would be people who, for example, do not have children or who earned more than expected. There would also be a group of parents not reached by the Tax Administration. There was a call, letters and texts sent, but no results.

There is also a group of about 400 parents who have been wrongly informed that they are not receiving compensation. Its being restored now. This group will be paid before 12 May.

The House of Representatives demands that the cabinet now do everything in its power to help the victims of the payment scandal. The problems in the implementation of the compensation must be resolved. A motion by MP Leijten received support from almost all parties in the House of Representatives.