‘Sharp Visors’ story to end with film

Yesterday it became known that the upcoming season of Sharp Trumps will be the last for the project, but the plot will continue in some different form . Screenwriter of the project Stephen Knight revealed Deadline that by a different form meant film. According to the author, the coronavirus pandemic prevented the original plans of the series team, but Knight knew from the beginning that the Trumps story would end with a full-length tape.

According to the sources, no official deals have yet been concluded, but it is unlikely that the project participants who have been with him for many years will suddenly refuse to complete the story in this format. Earlier Knight said that the show became for him a beast that will not die in any way – it gave rise to a huge fan base, accompanying books, clothing line, and in addition to Knight offered to stage a ballet and a musical based on the series.

The plot of the project tells about a gang of the very sharp visors who were industrial in Birmingham at the beginning of the last century. The exact premiere date for the sixth season is not yet.

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