Sharpen impressed with Ajax: ‘There were balls flying over here in the crossing’

Kjell Scherpen was against FC Midtjylland for a long time the target number one under the bar at Ajax in the absence of Andre Onana and Maarten Stekelenburg, but eventually Onana was flown in just in time to play along. A setback for Sharpen, who has to wait for his debut in the Champions League.I learned a lot last year, now the process continues againโ€, Scherpen starts talking to Voetbal Spremeur about his development in Amsterdam. The closing post does not work weekly at Jong Ajax, because Dominik Kotarski is still at the club. โ€œThere was talk in the summer that Dominik would look for a rental. It didn‘t become him. Now we play around. The perspective is just good. For me, it’s still a challenge every day, and I still enjoy it.โ€
It‘s a difference, FC Emmen or Ajax. โ€œYou train at the highest level every day. What the balls flew over at Emmen, they fly here in the intersectionโ€, continues Scherpen, who long thought he would make his Champions League debut for Ajax against FC Midtjylland. โ€œIn the end, you’re close, but so far away. It wasn‘t supposed to be like that. It was hectic, a lot of coronas. I pretended to play for myself, it didn’t work out pretty for me. But still: plenty of time to train there.โ€