Sharpening on tough start at Brighton: ‘Had the advantage that Joรซl was already there’

Kjell Scherpen made the surprising switch from Ajax to Brighton & Hove Albion last summer. The goalkeeper, who reported to Young Orange in the Netherlands this week, had a difficult start at the English club. In the meantime, Scherpen feels in place in England.
โ€œI was injured in my first practice match when I had only a week of training. After that, I was on the side for six weeks, so you can speak of a false start,โ€ said Scherpen in conversation with ESPN.
According to the goalkeeper, preparing for a new season is the worst time to get hurt. โ€œThen you start with a backlog. I‘ve now played a few games at the Under 23 to get some rhythm. Now I’m back here. It all seems to be going in the right direction now,โ€ says Scherpen.
The goalkeeper says that during his rehabilitation period he had a lot of support for Joรซl Veltman, his teammate at Brighton. โ€œIf you‘re injured, you’re part of the team, but you‘re not actually. I’ve kept in touch with the players as much as possible. And I had the advantage that Joel was already with Brighton. He‘s kind of a guide to me. But it’s a very warm club anyway,โ€ said Scherpen.