Sheep relieved of 20 (!) kilos of wool

Sheep Ewenice had not been shaved for four years. The animal, which lives in the wild in Australia, had been spotted by locals who then called in the Animal Protection Service.

Ewenice was caught and shaved. In the end she was released from no less than 20 kilos of wool. The animal was released after a check-up at the vets, in another place.

Merino sheep have to be shaved annually, The Guardian knows, otherwise they could overheat and even die. Because of the thick coat, anything can stick to them that can attract flies and maggots. “It was fantastic to see her transformation and to be able to give her a new home,” says Terry Ness of the Australian Society for the Protection of Animals, RSPCA.

Incidentally, 20 kilos of wool is not a record; in 2015, sheep Chris delivered 40.45 kilos after a shave. He had not been shaved for more than seven years.