Sheltered 2 creators introduce faction leaders

In early August, Unicube Studio talked about the faction system in the strategic survival simulator Sheltered 2. I have now decided to present us with the leaders of the playing factions with whom we have to build relations and trade or try to defeat them. At the beginning of the game, we can create a leader of our own faction, our main character, who will engage survivors in his group.

This has a built-in editor with looks and clothing options, as well as a selection of characteristics and skills. If this hero perishes, the game will be final.

The last applies to the leaders of hostile factions: if you sneak into the base and kill the leader, the faction will be dissolved and disappear from the world map. Each survivor of the game has their own skill set and characteristics, and leaders have their own tastes, moods and aspirations.

Sheltered 2 is released on September 21 on Steam. More on Game All for Family: Crime comedy The Big Con is out in Steam Supplement Below and Beyond will push the boundaries of Surviving Mars Authors Dying Light 2 talk about parkour, guns and Krafte is an CCeit exclusive.