Sherlock Holmes Chapter One release on PS4 and Xbox One postponed

Studio Frogwares has announced that Sherlock Holmes Chapter One adventure detective will not have a global release. Versions for older consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are postponed: developers want to devote a little more time to them. The postponement should be short-lived, just a few weeks.

As for PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5 versions, they will be on deadline โ€” and what time they are scheduled, the studio is likely to announce on September 16: on Thursday, it promises to announce something new and answer the most frequently asked question. In the morning, it was revealed that the Microsoft store already has a release date for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: November 16.

How true it is, we‘ll probably know as early as the day after tomorrow. More on Gamemania Funcom bought the company that owns the rights to Conan The new World War 3 trailer revealed the customization of Alfred Hitchcock’s Thriller โ€” Vertigo is released on December 16.