Ship boost and resources โ€” new Skull & Bones parts

Insider Tom Henderson, who previously spoke about the date of the Battlefield 2042 beta (and the possible postponement of the game), shared new details about Skull & Bones. Naval Action on Pirates, as previously known, stuck in production hell after his first demonstration. And now Henderson has talked about how the project is doing and what features it has.

According to an insider, ships are divided into five types: small, medium, large, and so on. The vessels are divided into three categories โ€” one created for combat, the second for research, and the third carry cargo.

The purchase of new vehicles is tied up in drawings that can be bought in different settlements. However, getting a ship will also require the right amount of resources โ€” wood, metal, and the like.

it won‘t be able to get to some places where a smaller vessel will easily pass. The latter can even overtake large frigates using rivers or shallow waters where it is easy to get stuck to a โ€œbig brotherโ€ .

Each vessel will have a pre-set number of guns, however other types Weapons can be upgraded and added. We’re talking about extra guns, ballplayers, flamethrowers, mortars, and the like.

In addition, there are different types of munitions like chain-linked cannonball. You can pump a ship at any time if you have the resources and money to do so.

There are many options for pumping โ€” you can add armor, smelters, storage boxes, and so on. It is also not forbidden to change sails, control wheel, cabins and so on.

The game is open world, the action takes place in the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the made-up pirate harbor is based in Madagascar. On the map it is marked as the โ€œCoast of Azaniaโ€ (Mozambique) .

The user starts the game unknown, building a raft and then a fishing boat on which he explores open waters. You will need to complete quests, gain reputation among pirates, and collect resources for the first ship.

Progress is related to the player‘s earnings they earn for completing quests, raiding other ships, settlements and fortresses. The middle of the map is the open sea, which can take a lot of time to overcome.

The camera in the sections on the ship works about the same as in the 2018 show, and on shore overlooks from third person – they will be allowed to walk on their two only in shelters and safe points. There is no parkour or anything like that, the player simply walks as captain and communicates with the NPC.

According to Henderson, the authors have yet to work on the game, but serious success has already been achieved โ€” in particular , praise the fight. Skull & Bones don’t have an exact release date.

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