Shocked reactions in The Hague to dead baby Ter Apel, inspections investigate

The House of Representatives wants an explanation from Secretary of State Van der Burg (Asylum) about the death of a three-month-old baby last night in the sports hall at the registration center in Ter Apel. That sports hall currently serves as a place to stay for asylum seekers because there is no place in the registration center.

PvdA MP Kati Piri and Suzanne Krรถger of GroenLinks want Van der Burg to clarify in a letter. In any case, that request is supported by Volt and the coalition parties D66, CDA and ChristenUnie.

The Health Care and Youth Inspectorate and the Justice and Safety Inspectorate are investigating the death of the baby. At the moment, it is only known that medical assistance has still been provided.

The inspections look at all possible aspects that may have played a role in the death, they write. โ€œFor example, to the medical cause, whether care has been provided before, the available care and the living conditions around the registration center and in the sports hall.โ€ It is not known when the inspections are completed.

Secretary of State Van der Burg, like MPs, is shocked by the death of the baby:

SP MP Jasper van Dijk requested a debate about the situation in Ter Apel today. The reason was that last night hundreds of asylum seekers had to sleep outside again, because there is no room for them in the registration center. โ€œThe misery is only increasing,โ€ said Van Dijk. For the time being, there is no majority in favour of a debate.