Shocking footage: more than 1400 dolphins slaughtered in Faroe Islands

During the Grindadrรกp, the annual dolphin hunt in the Faroe Islands, more than 1,400 dolphins were slaughtered. Its the biggest slaughter ever. The footage shows how the sea turns red due to the blood of the sea creatures stacked on top of each other on the beach.

The Grindadrรกp is the most important annual tradition of the Faroese and dates back to the times of the Vikings. The animals are driven by ships and boats to a bay, slaughtered there and the meat is then distributed among participants. Mostly friends (a whale belonging to the dolphins) and dolphins are killed.

This years massive massacre provokes intense reactions from animal rights organizations, as well as traditional Faroese Islands whale hunters themselves. For example, Heri Petersen, skipper and lover, distanced himself from the incident on Sunday 12 September. According to him, too many dolphins (relative to the number of hunters) would have been killed. Olavur Sjurdarberg, chairman of the Faroese whaling association, also fears that the large number will create a negative picture of the ancient tradition.

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1000 marine mammals killed annually

Animal rights organizations, such as Sea Shepherd, have been wanting to ban hunting for years. However, in the Faroe Islands it is part of culture. The meat is used as food. But according to Rob Read, head of Sea Shepherd, residents dont need the mammalian meat at all to provide for their food consumption.

Around 1000 marine mammals are killed annually on the island. Similar whale and dolphin yachts such as the Faroe Islands are held in Peru, Japan and the Solomon Islands.