Shooting for socks with sandals: Fashion Police Squad announced

Publishing house No More Robots announced the game Fashion Police Squad, the debut project of Finnish studio Mopeful Games. This is a satirical first-person shooter, in which we challenge the tasteless on the streets of the city. Our protagonist is Sergeant Des, who is outraged by crimes against fashion: sliding pants, costumes Not in size, socks with sandals, beach outfits in the city and other unacceptable manifestations of tastless.

With violators we have to fight a whole set of unique weapons: โ€œIndividual tailoring & raquo;, elite coloring carbine 2DYE4, โ€œStrap of Justiceโ€ and โ€œDressing Cannonโ€. Each crime will need its approach: for example, the problem of socks with sandals is solved by sock dwarves, and the belt of justice will tighten sliding ports.

Fashion Police Squad comes out in 2022 in Steam, and soon developers are going to announce closed testing. More on CCeit Fishing, mines, designers: Hokko Life came into early access To Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III released a free prologue Complete the game from โ€œKanobuโ€, find Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.