Shooting street artist by police provokes protest and riots in Chile

In southern Chile, riots have arisen after the police shot a street artist. The shooting was recorded on a video that led to anger in the country.

Several buildings have been set on fire in the tourist town of Panguipulli. Also more than 800 kilometres north, in the capital Santiago, people went out to the streets to demonstrate against police brutality.

In Panguipulli, fire was set in a government building. Protesters also set up burning barricades and threw stones at the police. Among other things, it used water cannons and tear gas against the rioters.

Juggler shot

According to police, the 27-year-old juggler resisted the police in a routine identity check. Images show an officer shooting in the direction of Francisco Martรญnez Romeros feet.

The victim then waves the two machetes he uses for his performance. He then takes a run up to the cop who fired several shots and collapses in the middle of the road.

Check out the footage of the incident and the riots here:

A local judge has decided that the officer should remain in jail during the investigation. In recent years, the police have been more often compromised because of violence against protesters.

Since 2019, demonstrations against violence by the police have been taking place. International human rights organisations argue that the Chilean police are guilty of using excessive force.