Shot 19-year-old Angel is “Hero of Myanmar”

Even today, Myanmarese again demonstrated against the coup d‘état by the military – after several dozen protesters were killed yesterday by police forces. One of those victims was 19-year-old Ma Kyial Sin. The dancer and taekwondoka is buried today and has become a hero and face of the protest movement.

Kyal Sin had gone out to the streets yesterday in Mandalay town, wearing a black T-shirt with white letters Everything will be OK. Photographs show that she was looking for cover when the police opened fire on protesters.

Shortly after this photograph, she was hit by a bullet in the head. Angel, as she called herself in English, died on the spot.

The pictures of her in the black shirt with the optimistic slogan everything will be fine have been widely shared on Twitter ever since. Adversaries of the protest movement also share homemade animations of the 19-year-old woman:

Angel was aware of the danger she was running with participation in the protest. She had listed her blood type on Facebook and indicated that her organs could be donated if she died, writes the BBC.

She’s a hero of our country, says Angel‘s friend and fellow protester to The New York Times. By participating in the revolution, our generation of young women shows that we are as brave as men.

Funeral and funeral procession

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of Kyial Sin in Mandalay today. They sang revolutionary songs and scanned that they have the right to freedom and democracy. Thousands of people participated in the procession through the streets, whether or not on mopeds. Some of them had a portrait of Angel in their hand:

Further down the city centre, today hundreds of people went to the streets against the military regime. Also in other major cities was demonstrated again. Among other things, in the largest city of Yangon was once again fired by law forces and tear gas was deployed. It is still unclear whether there have been any casualties again.

Since the coup d’état a month ago, at least 54 people have been killed by the military and police, writes the UN human rights rapporteur. Presumably, the actual number is higher. Last week, for the first time, the army intervened very hard on a large scale, in an attempt to suppress the protests. Yesterday alone, at least 38 people were killed when armed armed forces with sharp shots at protesters.

The UN rapporteur reports that at least 1700 protesters, politicians, journalists, teachers, monks and other opponents of the regime have been arrested since the coup on 1 February.

On the blacklist

The violence by the military in power is strongly condemned internationally. The US Department of State has been shocked by the escalation of recent days. Washington has blacklisted high-ranking officers, a number of ministries and military conglomerates of Myanmar for trade.

The EU has stopped a number of development projects in Myanmar. These support projects amounted to more than EUR 200 million in recent years, officials report against Reuters.

The UN Security Council will meet tomorrow behind closed doors to discuss the crisis. The question remains how much the international pressure on Myanmar will help the protesters. The military regime has not so far taken any care of it. Apart from several years of early democratic reforms, the army has been in power for half a century.