Shot chimpanzees get a memorial at Amersfoort Zoo

Animal Park Amersfoort sets up a memorial place for employees and visitors for chimpanzees Mike and Karibuna. The monkeys were killed two weeks ago after they escaped from their quarters.

The zoo wants to set up a permanent memorial at the chimpanzee residence. Until the time comes, there will be a temporary place. The shooting of the โ€œiconic animalsโ€ has a lot of impact according to Dierenpark Amersfoort. โ€œNot only on our chimpanzee group, but also on our employees and visitors who have experienced this up close. We offer victim support to them.โ€

RTV Utrecht writes that the other chimpanzees just after the death of Mike and Karibuna were upset, but that the animals are now โ€œaccording to circumstancesโ€. Mike was the oldest chimpanzee and lived in the park for over fifty years. Karibuna was the leader of the group.

Kumi, another chimpanzee, would now slowly take on the natural leadership. The zoo expects that the chimpanzee group โ€œwill become more and more harmonious in the coming weeks and monthsโ€.

Impressive Behavior

The two chimpanzees were able to escape because a caregiver had not closed the shelter properly. Some visitors stood face to face with the animals, others had to stay in the quarters where they were at that time.

Mike and Karibuna were shot to death because they showed impressive behavior. An anesthetic was also prepared, but according to the zoo it would take ten to fifteen minutes to work. โ€œAt that time, very serious situations could have arisen,โ€ explains.