Shot chimpanzees get memorial

In Dierenpark Amersfoort there will be a commemoration place for chimpanzees Mike and Karibuna. Two weeks ago, they were killed because they escaped from their quarters. They would have been a danger to the visitors.

There is now also a temporary memorial place. The permanent spot comes at the chimpanzee residence. According to the zoo park, the day of the escape was very stressful.

After Mike and Karibuna were killed, the other chimpanzees were very upset. In the meantime, they are already doing better.

Mike was the oldest chimpanzee in the zoo. Hes been living in the park for 50 years. Karibuna was the leader of the group. Another chimpanzee, Kumi, is now slowly starting to take charge of his fellow species.


Two weeks ago, an employee accidentally left the door to the chimpanzee residence open. The animals escaped and came very close to some visitors. Everyone had to stay in the quarters where they were at the time. We made this video about it: