Shot for the first time in decades in border dispute between India and China

China and India accuse each other of new provocations in the border area between the countries in the Himalayan Mountains. Those provocations were fired at for the first time since 1975. There are no reports of casualties.

According to China, Indian soldiers entered Chinese territory yesterday from the inhospitable, sparsely populated Ladakh region. Warning shots were said to have been fired towards a Chinese patrol.

India denied that lecture. According to the country, it was precisely Chinese soldiers who tried to surround an Indian post, with the Chinese firing into the air.

First shots fired since 1975

With the shooting, for the first time in decades, the agreement between the countries not to use firearms at the border has been broken. According to China, these are the first shots since 1975, when four Indian soldiers were killed in the border area.

The border conflict between the two superpowers goes back to a short war in 1962 that was lost by India. Since then, both China and India have claimed areas on either side of the approximately 3,500-kilometre-long border.

Flares of conflict

In recent months the conflict has flared up again. For example, at least twenty Indian soldiers were killed in a confrontation in June. It is unknown whether there were any Chinese casualties.

There was no firing in that incident, the countries then emphasized immediately after the incident. The troops are said to have attacked each other with iron bars and stones.

Through diplomats, an attempt has been made in recent weeks at the negotiating table to reduce tensions between China and India. But so far without success. Earlier this year, US President Trump said the US is willing to mediate between the countries.