Shots Disney film in notorious county: ‘Under which stone did they lie?

Preamble on the latest Disney film Mulan: part of the film was shot in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. In that province at least one million Uighurs are detained in so-called re-education camps. China talks about ‘voluntary re-education camps’, human rights organisations say that Muslims are tortured and brainwashed there.

In the credits of the film, Chinese local authorities are thanked for their cooperation, writes the BBC. It would be the Turpan Bureau of Public Security, the organisation that is also responsible for public security in the region.

“In Xinjiang, the greatest violations of human rights are taking place right now,” responded Yara Boff Tonella of Amnesty International. “You wouldn’t expect this from any company, but certainly not from Disney. You really wonder what stone they were under when they decided to shoot there.”

Online, the hashtag ‘BoycottMulan’ is widely used

Mulan is Disney’s latest film, based on an animated film from 1998. The story is about Mulan, a young woman who disguises herself as a boy to fight in the army. “The irony is that Mulan is a young woman who frees her father: a stark contrast to what happens to women in Xinjiang now,” says Amnesty.

“Mulan” was under fire earlier, because lead actress Liu Yifei said to understand the police in Hong Kong, who are tough on demonstrators. Demonstrations have been taking place in Hong Kong against the controversial security law introduced by Beijing.

Demonstrators in Hong Kong therefore call for a boycott of the film:

Disney hasn’t responded to the fuss yet, writes the BBC. Amnesty International wants the film producer to come up with a statement. “We will call on Disney to do so,” said the spokesperson.

How China keeps the Uighurs in Xinjiang under its thumb, CCeit explains on 3 in this video: