Shots fired at entertainment venue in Rotterdam, owner promises reward

Shots were fired last night at nightclub Club Blu in Rotterdam. There are bullet holes in the door of the club and shells have been found on the street.

The owner of the club offers 35,000 euros for information leading to the arrest of the suspect, reports regional broadcaster Rijnmond. Footage from a security camera shows a man firing shots at the door with a weapon. According to witnesses, two men took off on a scooter after the shooting.

Take a look at the surveillance footage here:

The club was open at the time of the shooting. According to owner Ibrahim Yรผce there were 30 to 40 people in the shop. No one was hurt.

The owner says he doesn’t know why Club Blu was shot at. “I’m tired of this happening,” he says to the regional broadcaster. “This has to stop, that’s why I’m handing out the reward.”

Hand grenade

The club on Prince Alexander Avenue has been locked several times in recent years by order of Mayor Aboutaleb. Twice a hand grenade was placed in front of the door. A fireworks bomb was also thrown and fired at the door with an automatic weapon.

At the beginning of February a visitor was assaulted at the club. A day later, a man pulled a gun in front of the door. The mayor then closed the door again.