“Shoulders underneath with a curfew”

That it will not be ideal for everyone when a curfew is set that is understandable, writes Trudi Beentjes. But what is stated by GL and PVV does not touch either side or wall in her experience.

If youre up all day, youre already doing something wrong. During lunch, take a walk and after dinner a block, then you will come and grab yourself. If this is summer, the story is different, you want to be outside. But now everyone is nice and warm in the house at night.

A curfew from 21:00 to 6:00 shouldnt be a problem, right? The people who have to take a walk because of their work or the dog can do so safely. There must also be an exclusion for that. We must not grumble about this if you seem to be towards the countries around us, there were and are much more stringent than here.

Shoulders underneath, we know where before we do it.

Trudi Bones, Horn