Shredded artwork Banksy raises 19 million euros

Love is in the Bin, which is what is called Banksy‘s partly shredded artwork that went under the hammer at Sotheby’s auction house in London today. It was expected to raise four to six million, but that estimate proved to be on the low end.

The work was already auctioned in 2018. Then it was called Girl with Balloon. It became one of the most spectacular art auctions ever. In front of the buyer, who had paid just over a million euros for the work, the image disappeared in part in a paper shredder that the artist had built into the list.

For that reason the auctioneer found it exciting to hammer the auction, he now made it on a bid of almost 19 million euros:

After that spectacular action, the work was renamed Love is in the Bin. It is not common for a work of art to produce more damaged than intact. This is probably the first time in history that a work after damage increases almost 18 million euros in value.

Mystery floats price

The work of mysterious artist Banksy is sought after by collectors. Despite multiple attempts to expose him, we‘re still not sure who’s behind that name, which really drives up the value of his work. In March of this year, his drawing Game Changer paid a record amount of 20 million euros.

This 3-minute video shows how the painting was prepared and how the auction went, 2:36 shows how the destruction should have gone: