Sick woman (72) falls in snow, postman leaves her lying

Big fuss in Scotland. A postman left a sick woman on the ground in the snow after she fell. He refused to help her, and he didn‘t turn anyone in either.

Patricia Stewart, who has bone disease, had fallen down at the entrance to her house. Images shared by her cousin show how she lies on the ground and the postman is talking to her for a while and then he walks away.

โ€œ I can’t help you, I‘m exhausted. Really exhausted,โ€ the man said to her, says Stewart. The action was captured by a camera in the doorbell of neighbors. โ€œThe postman had just delivered two small packages to me and he put them on a step at the entrance. When I tried to get them, I felt dizzy and fell. The postman just walked away and he didn’t see that I was falling, so I called for help and asked him if he could help me get up, but he said he was exhausted and left me there in the snow.โ€

Stewart was still in the snow for about twenty minutes before a delivery lady came to the rescue, Mirror reports. She‘s been checked by paramedics, but she’s making up for circumstances. โ€œEverything hurts a bit more. My head is sore in the place I fell on.โ€

The woman‘s cousin, 36-year-old Sheryl Harkins, visits her aunt several times a day. โ€œAt first I was angry, then I was upset. I’m in shock. This could have turned out quite differently if the delivery lady hadn‘t found her.โ€

A manager of the Royal Mail has now paid a visit to the woman and made excuses. He promised that the incident โ€œwill not be swept under the carpet.โ€ Whether that means the mailman’s being fired is unclear. โ€œWe are in contact with the victim and have the case under investigationโ€, says a spokesman.