Sienna Miller suffered from amnesia after cheating Jude Law

Model and actress Sienna Miller (38) can remember nothing of the six weeks that followed her ex-fiancรฉe Jude Law (47). That‘s what she says in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Actor Jude Law had an affair with the family’s nanny in 2005, after which he publicly apologized to Sienna. The public heartbreak and the aftermath didn‘t get her in the cold clothes. โ€œIt was really difficult,โ€ she explains. The paparazzi didn’t make it any easier. โ€œIt was the culmination of all that madness. They knew where I‘d be every night.โ€


fact, the period was so stressful that she blocked out of her memory for a few weeks. โ€œThere are six weeks of that experience I can’t remember. I was so shocked by it, and I was only 23 years old.โ€

Sienna and Law met in 2004 on the set of the film Alfie. The couple got engaged the same year. After Jude cheating, the couple gave their relationship another chance, but in 2006 they broke up. Three years later their romance aroused again, but in 2011, for the second time, finally, spoke.