Sign of life from Chinese gold mine, a week after explosion

In China, miners have been trapped in a gold mine for a week after an explosion. For a long time it was not clear whether there were survivors. Chinese state media are now reporting that rescue workers have taken a note out of a shaft stating that 12 miners are alive.

Immediately after the explosion, it became clear that 22 miners were detained. Nothing is known about the state of the remaining ten miners.

The rescue workers sent food into the mine just to be safe. When they pulled up the cable, the food was gone and there was a note for it instead.

So the rescue workers brought food into the mine:

The note says that there are four injured and that the health of the remaining eight is deteriorating badly due to lack of water and fresh air. โ€œKeep going with the work,โ€ says on the note. โ€œWe keep hope.โ€

Managers of the gold mine have been detained because they didnt report the accident until a day later. The mine in the eastern province of Shandong was under construction when the explosion occurred last Sunday.


least three hundred rescue workers are now in the process of removing debris. A new shaft is also drilled to free the miners. Also, holes are drilled that serve for the supply of fresh air, food and water, and to eliminate harmful fumes.