Silent autumn holiday for hotels in Randstad: ‘Cancellations continue to come’

Hotels in the Randstad are looking for a quiet autumn holiday. After the loss of German and Belgian tourists, Dutch people are now also staying away from the big cities.

โ€œ Its unprecedented,โ€ says a manager of Grand Hotel Amrรขth in Amsterdam. Over the past few months, most of the hotels bookings have been cancelled. โ€œFor the autumn holidays we see a small rise, but nothing is more certain in these times. Everything can be cancelled again.โ€ Its very quiet on the street anyway, says the manager. โ€œWhen I look out the window at the Prins Hendrikkade, I usually see droves of tourists. Now its extinct.โ€ At Hotel ibis next to Central Station, they notice the same thing. โ€œIts quiet, very quiet.โ€

Also in the hotel The James in the centre of Rotterdam, according to a receptionist, it is โ€œmuch quieter than usual around this time.โ€ Luckily, many businessmen from other regions and north of the country come to Bastion Hotel Rotterdam Alexander. โ€œDuring the week it will continue to runโ€, says a receptionist. โ€œBut on weekends its pretty empty. When we have 20 of our 105 rooms filled its a lot.โ€ The Van der Valk Hotel in Utrecht also gets some customers from business customers during the week. โ€œWe still have quite a lot of room reservations for small meetings.โ€

The Mercure Hotel in The Hague welcomes most guests on weekends. โ€œDuring the week, we occupied 10 of our 159 rooms, 30 to 40 on weekends,โ€ says a receptionist. Normally in the autumn holidays many Dutch people come to the hotel next to Germans, but this year everyone stays away. โ€œIn the summer we were fully booked, but from September it collapsed completely. The cancellations will continue to arrive.โ€

Where hotels in the cities are struggling, colleagues in the outskirts are doing good business this autumn. According to a spokesman for the Fletcher hotel chain, who has most of his hotels outside the cities, it is even busier than usual. โ€œIn our hotel in Amsterdam it is quiet, but locations on, for example, the Veluwe, the Wadden Islands and at the beach get a lot of bookings. Lots of last-minute and all of the Dutchโ€, says a spokesman. He expects that the end of October will calm down again. โ€œThen we usually have to have it from Germans on autumn holidays. But of course they will stay away this year.โ€