Silent rides for shot dead Arnhem woman and assaulted Enschedeër

In Arnhem a silent march will be held on Saturday evening for the 35-year old woman who was shot there on Monday. The woman succumbed in hospital to her injuries.

The organizers expect about 200 to 250 participants, reports Omroep Gelderland. The trip takes them from a community centre in Presikhaaf to the house in the Floriszstraat where the shooting took place.

“That’s where flowers and candles are lit. I call on everyone to bring white roses”, says the organizer at the regional broadcaster. “She was a friend of ours and has earned a commemoration” A fundraiser will be held for the daughters of the deceased woman.

Yesterday, a 46-year-old man was arrested suspected of involvement in the shooting. Neighbours reported to Omroep Gelderland that there may be a conflict in the relational sphere.


In Enschede next week a silent march will take place for a 26-year-old man who died last weekend after he was severely injured during an assault in the centre. The trip is organized by his soccer club Phenix, reports RTV Oost

In addition to being intended as a commemoration and tribute to the dead Marco van der Kolk, this trip is also an indictment of senseless violence. The journey starts at the football club and ends in the Haverstraatpassage, the place of the maltreatment.

The Enschede was mistreated by several people at night and fell down. Four men have been arrested.