Silver fleet can enter: this is what PSV deserves with Champions League football

PSV hopes to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in four years on Wednesday night. When the people of Eindhoven settle with Rangers FC, this not only results in duels with top European clubs, but certainly also a pot of gold. Football Scoop lists what PSV can earn.
PSV hopes that in the coming months clubs with the allure of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester City will visit the Philips Stadium, but perhaps even more important is the financial hit. After all, the people of Eindhoven fell behind Ajax in recent years.
Every club that qualifies for the group stage of the Champions League will receive a starting premium of 15.64 million euros, UEFA announced. In addition, the 32 participants are entitled to a coefficient premium, based on performance over the past ten years. If PSV ranks, it occupies the 24th place in this ranking. That means an extra of 10.23 million.
The Dutch clubs are also allowed to distribute an amount from the market pool, although it is not yet clear exactly how much. Last season, Ajax was the only Eredivisie delegate to receive three million. As champions, the Amsterdammers would be entitled to 55 percent, PSV to 45 percent. If we take three million as a starting point, 1.35 million can flow to the Eindhoven club greenhouse.
In addition, PSV earns a lot from ticket sales if it manages to place itself. Three group duels in the Champions League are expected to give the club four to five million in recettes. As a result, PSV is already assured of a total amount of 32,220,000 euros.
The silver fleet sails all the way in when coach Ruud van Nistelrooijs team performs well in the billion-dollar ball. A win yields 2.8 million euros and a draw 930,000 euros. A place in the eighth final is also a gold mine with 9.6 million euros, but that is future music for the time being.
Also in the battle with Ajax, PSV knows that placement for the Champions League is of great importance. Among other things, the people of Amsterdam occupy a better position in the coefficients ranking and are already assured of around forty million. The people of Eindhoven will want to stay in the footsteps of the rival.
This is what PSV earns with Champions League qualification Starting premium: 15.64 million Coefficients premium: 10.23 million Market pool: 1.35 million Recettes: 5 million Total: 32.22 million