Simeone reveals Atlético attempt for Messi: ‘I asked Luis to call’

If it had been Diego Simeone, Lionel Messi would have been a player of Atlético Madrid this season. The Argentine trainer has tried to seduce his illustrious compatriot using Luis Suárez.
Simeone confirms to Diario Olé that he made a cautious attempt to bring Messi to Madrid in the summer. When it went off in Barcelona, I called Luis (Suárez, ed.). With all due respect, of course I didnt call Leo myself. But I did ask Luis to call Messi. Hows him? Would he have ears to it? Is there a minimum chance? he shares the questions.
In the end, Simeone had no more than a few hours of hope for the sensational arrival of Messi: immediately after Barça confirmed that the Argentine superstar would not get a new contract, Paris struck Saint-Germain. They were obsessed with Messi, said Simeone, who managed to move Suárez last year to switch from Barça to Atlético, Spains reigning champion.

📞 El allamado del Cholo Simeone a Luis Suárez para llevar a Messi al Atlético Madrid. ADELANTO del mano a mano de Diego Simeone con Olé.
— Diario Olé (@DiarioOle) October 12, 2021