Simon Cowell wants to work with Harry and Meghan

If its up to Simon Cowell, he likes to work with Meghan and Harry on their upcoming TV projects that emerge from their million-dollar deal with Netflix. The 61-year-old producer would be a big fan of theirs and knows their friends in Los Angeles well, writes The Sun.

Cowell (61) would be friends with fellow producer David Foster (70) and his wife singer Katharine McPhee (36) is again a good friend of Meghan. According to an insider, Cowell would not only be a fan of the couple, but in his younger years Harry would have liked to watch Cowells program X Factor. For Cowell everything would fall into place: They have common friends, and now Harry and Meghan are heading into the entertainment industry as well. Simon would like to offer them his help from time to time.

That the contacts between them are excellent, would prove even when Meghan showed up as a surprise in the final episode of Americas Got Talent. Simon could not be there, because he is still recovering from the accident with his e-bike. Still, he would even have conversations with the couple. They keep their contacts warm in Los Angeles; they were spotted recently when they were dining together with David Foster and singer Katharine McPhee.