Simone Kleinsma wants to give comfort and hope

Simone Kleinsma will enter the theatres with a new solo performance in September. The show, which has been named Further, is her most personal so far, she said in the Avrotros programme Theater Maas.

The performance should not be too heavy. โ€œI want to make a very personal program. The most personal so far. But it should be light in tone. I want to give color, I want to give comfort and hope,โ€ says Simone. โ€œBecause I think it would help me and maybe the people in the room.โ€

The 62-year-old Simone also told us that she is experiencing more and more physical discomfort, which is due to her age. โ€œSo I am very happy that there will be a solo program now, so I can just calm down. Im not going to dance in that. Now let me sing beautiful songs and tell beautiful stories.โ€