Singer Damiano David winks to France after negative drug test

The Italian singer Damiano David responded with one word to the negative results of his drug test. Voilà, writes the singer of the band Måneskin on Instagram at a screenshot of the statement of the EBU. He refers to the title of Barbara Pravis French entry, which became second.

Another band member also responded to the news. Guitarist Thomas Raggi shared a screenshot of the statement and added a winking emoticon to it.

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Frontman Damiano David seemed to be sniffing coke in the so-called green room. He leaned forward to the table and made a sniffing movement. The video was widely shared on social media. The singer himself denied: there would have been a glass broken at the table of Italy and the singer would have cleaned this glass. David had promised to run a drug test in Italy to put an end to all rumors.


Monday, Clement Beaune, the French Minister for European Affairs, announced that the bottom stone had to be upstairs in terms of snuff-gate. If there is a problem, there must be consequences. The rules are not there for nothing. Disqualification should be an option if the rules have been violated.

The French Pravi was one of the contenders at the bookmakers. But due to the audience voices, Italy ended up higher and the band Måneskin won the song festival with their song Zitti E Buoni on Saturday. The EBU congratulates Italy and says it is looking forward to the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Italy.