Sinterklaas intrusions cancelled because of coronavirus

All Sinterklaas entries in the Gooi and Vecht region will be cancelled in November. The security region has decided that. According to the mayors of the municipalities in the region, large Sinterklaas raids are not possible because of the measures against the coronavirus, reports NH Nieuws.

That means that Hilversum, Weesp and Huizen, among others, won’t be allowed to enter.

The entry can go ahead, but on a smaller scale, says chairman of the safety region and mayor of Hilversum Pieter Broertjes: “The maximum is 250 people, but I think that’s too many. We’re going to concentrate it in community centres, at schools and in shopping centres”

The Gooi and Vecht Safety Region is the first safety region to cancel all large-scale Sinterklaas entries.

A number of municipalities have already decided not to hold a large entry. For example, Maastricht decided today not to allow Saint Nicholas to enter because of the expected crowds. Amsterdam already took the decision earlier to have St. Nicholas arrive without an audience. And there are more municipalities that decided not to have a traditional entry this year, including Helmond, Eindhoven and Heerenveen.