Six extremists Bangladesh sentenced to death for double homicide

In Bangladesh, a special anti-terrorism tribunal sentenced six extremist Muslims to death for their involvement in the rumorious murder of two men in 2016, one of them, Xulhaz Mannan, was a gay activist and editor of a gay fol. He had also worked at the U.S. Embassy.

The murder of Mannan and his friend Mahbub Rubbi Tonoy in an apartment in Dhaka was one in a series of attacks on what extremists saw as unbelievers: bloggers, writers, professors and foreigners.

Often victims were slaughtered with cleapers.

Radical Grouping

Eight people were on trial for the murder of Mannan and his friend. Two have been acquitted, the rest are convicted. They belong to the radical group of Ansar-al-Islam. Their lawyers have announced that they are appealing.

After the series of attacks, the government began a campaign against the extremists of Ansar-al-Islam and other groups. Dozens of supporters were killed and many disappeared behind bars.