Six Feyenoord conclusions: the hand of Slot and a lack of creativity

Feyenoord doesnt seem ready for the competition yet. The Rotterdammers did not go beyond 0-0 against the invalid Drita in Kosovo and so there is still serious play next week in De Kuip for the third heat. Football Primeur draws six conclusions after a very moderate match for the Stadium Club.
The hand of Slot is visible despite defeat It may be crazy after a 0-0 draw against a club from Kosovo, but Feyenoord clearly played with a different game conception than last season. Dick Lawyer preached realism, but Arne Slot chooses to possess ball and football ahead. The players tried to do that and at least that
s positive. The execution itself wasnt too good.
Feyenoord should have decided the diptych. Fair is fair, the way Drita
s players celebrated 0-0 with their fans after the match shows how that team approached the game. Feyenoord was obliged to the stand to be ready after one race and was far from successful. The Rotterdam South club really needs to show that it can be better next week.
The start of competition may be too early for the Stadionclub On August 15, at 4.45 p.m., the first whistle will sound at the King Willem II Stadium and then the Eredivision-season for Feyenoord has begun. The show at Drita doesnt give any confidence in that race, but the advantage is that the Rotterdammers have another month. With the back match against Drita and a number of practice games ahead, there is still plenty of time for Slot and his.

Arnesen must enter the transfer market for a number nine In an interview prior to the competition, Feyenoords practice master indicated that he opted for the top position Bannis over Bozenรญk for his good preparation and competition fitness. After more than an hour of playing football in Pristina, the young man was relieved of his misery and the Slovak International joined the Slovak International. It also showed nothing and that makes it clear that Feyenoord needs a new striker.
The lack of Steven Berghuis is huge The creative input at Feyenoord has been taken over the past few years by Berghuis, but after his sensitive move to Ajax, someone else has to get up. Orkun Kรถkcรผ got number ten and couldnt show for a moment why, the wing attackers were not dangerous enough and the rush hour on duty got zero supply. It is for Slot and the Rotterdammers to hope that Jahanbakhsh will give that creative boost.
A delightful Balkan atmosphere in Pristina Feyenoord
s fans will be present in De Kuip next week to shout their team ahead and have already seen how its done. Dritas supporters were in a strange stadium and had to drive an hour to get there, but made it a wonderful party. Noisy was made non-stop and Kosovar players were clearly propelled by it. After a season without an audience, we cant get enough of it.