Six months after the start: This is how it works with the compulsory measles vaccination in Hamburg

Six months ago, compulsory measles vaccination was introduced. Since 1 March, vaccination against measles has been mandatory for children and many adults. The Hamburg social welfare authority speaks of the first positive experiences.

>The compulsory vaccination is essentially well accepted, says authority spokesman Martin Helfrich. “Many welcome the introduced duty very much, because it creates security for all.” But figures are not yet available. No illnesses had been registered in Hamburg this year until mid-August. In the same period last year, there were 19 cases.

Hamburg: This is how it works with the new measles vaccination duty

Since March 1, all employees of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and nursing homes have had to be vaccinated against measles. Children aged one year and over in care institutions, schoolchildren and asylum seekers in shared accommodation must also be immunized. In case of violations, parents of unvaccinated children and adults who are obliged to be vaccinated are threatened with a fine of up to 2500 Euro.

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, but a compulsory vaccination is out of the question, Helfrich made clear. No fines have been imposed so far because there is a transitional period until 31 July next year. Until then, children and employees who were already enrolled in school before the law came into force must prove that they have been immunized. New hires are only possible with proof of vaccination.

A measles infection weakens the immune system and can lead to serious complications such as middle ear infection, bronchitis or pneumonia. According to the authorities, encephalitis occurs in about one in every 1000 patients. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the vaccination rate in the past was at least 95 percent in all states. (dpa)