Six stars for all Danish players: ‘mere heroes on the field’

Denmark started its EC-campaign with a surprising 1-0 defeat against debutant Finland: that was, however, after Christian Eriksen had to be resuscitated on the field and ended up in hospital. The big BT newspaper gave all Danish players six stars in the match report.
After the probably most emotional game ever played on Danish soil, there were merely heroes on the field, BT opens. When Eriksen collapsed, the medics were on the spot at lightning speed and the players were in a circle around their team mates to take him away from the camera and the audience. They fought him off while the heroic medical staff fought for his life, under the watchful eye of sixteen thousand silent, shocked stadium visitors.
So all players received six stars from the newspaper, but some of them were highlighted extra. Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel can count on compliments, although he could have done more on the only Finnish goal of the match. When the game resumed, he was first on the pitch, chest ahead. Shortly before, he had calmed Eriksen‘s trembling partner when everything was still uncertain. Could he have prevented Finland’s goal? It doesn‘t matter at all… ‘
Captain Simon Kjaer was also praised. He was one of the very first on site and took care of the arm around the shoulder to Eriksen‘s partner, at the darkest moment, says BT. We couldn’t have wished for a better leader. The last plume is for Mathias Jensen, who fell in for Eriksen. He did that with a heavy mind and full of emotions. He had to wipe the tears off his face regularly.