“Skeleton found of man bitten to death by shark 3000 years ago”

Around a hundred shark attacks are recorded every year. Shark attacks are of all time proves a study by scientists from Oxford University. Evidence has surfaced from a man bitten to death by a shark 3,000 years ago. This makes him the oldest known victim of shark attack ever.

Scientists found the skeleton in a Japanese cemetery. The research team looked for skeletal remains of prehistoric hunters and collectors when they encountered a mans skeleton, with a lot of injuries. The man had injuries on the arms, legs and front of the chest and abdomen.

We had no idea at first what the 790 deep, serrated wounds could have caused this man, said researchers J. Alyssa White and Rick Schulting in a statement. Through a process of elimination, we have ruled out a human conflict, or a more frequent attack by a scavenger or predator, they added. Based on the injuries, he must have been attacked by a tiger shark or a white shark, scientists conclude.

According to the researchers team, the man must have died between 1.370 and 1.010 BC.