Ski resorts are bulging out: locals flock on the slats

Several ski resorts in Austria are taking additional measures against the spread of the coronavirus after residents of the Alpine country visited the slopes on a massive scale this weekend. Among other things, the Land of Upper Austria limits the number of parking spaces and more people are used to keep order.

โ€œ In the spirit of my own responsibility, I also appeal to skiers, as far as possible, to come to the ski resorts only after noon because many visitors go home from the morning,โ€ said the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Land.

Many ski resorts in Austria are currently open but only for the local population. If you enter Austria from abroad, you must first go into quarantine for ten days. Moreover, on and around the ski slopes, a mudcap duty applies to everyone from the age of 14.

At the

beginning of this year, the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl was the source of a significant spread of coronavirus throughout Europe. It was decided to postpone the start of the ski season until January.